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Noble Estate Sales has the honor of working with the family of artist Glenna Kurz.

​We have numerous paints of Glenna's for sale, as well as some high end paintings from her personal collection. Gallery shows are in the works, but you can see these pieces first by contact Elizabeth Robles at 805-798-5873.

Historic Ventura Estate Sale
One of the first farming families in Ventura County! 

This amazing historical sale will be located on the east end of Ventura. 
The dates of this sale will be September 22,23,24. 
Please check back closer to the sale date for the release of address. 

Roy Yeabsley Estate Sale

Owner of the Collectors Corner of Santa Barbara

​The largest antique store on State Street for 60 years

​This sale will be held over the course of 2 weekends. 

​The first part of the sale will be August 25,26,27.

​The second part of the sale will be held on September 2 & 3. 

​Please check back closer to the sale date for the address. 


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Current Estate Sale Listings

Ojai Artist Estate Sale
Both of the owners of this estate were amazing artist.

Their works consist painting, sculpture, and wood work.
This sale will be held in Ojai on October 14th and 15th.
Please check back closer to the sale date for the release of address.