Specializing in Residential Estates Content Sales, Business Liquidation, Estate Content Removal, Commercial Liquidation, Hoarder Content Removal, Consignment Sales and  Estate Content Buy outs!

Who We Are

We’re a family run company with years of experience in the estate sale industry. Noble Estate Sales is located in Oak View, but we host sales from Santa Barbara to Los Angles. We take pride in our sales and are proud of the way our sales are displayed and conducted. We are experienced in pricing and selling all of them items in an estate. Unlike other estate sale companies, we also specialize in business or company liquidations, offer estate auctions,  and work with hoarder situations. We also offer buyout options, and removal services.   

We take our time to do the job right, which means that we look up and price all of the items for sale so that we can get you the greatest value possible. Once our sale is complete, we clear out the location, so that you  can move forward with you estate or business plans.We then provide you with a complete financial report and payment from our estate sale services.

Estate Sale Services

About Noble Estate Sales

About Elizabeth Robles

 Elizabeth Robles has worked in the estate sale industy for over five years but has been a "picker" all her life. Elizabeth enjoys the entire estate sale process. She does not shy away from hard work and will presue all possible avenues to get you the most money possible. Elizabeth, mother of two, has her bachlores degree in psychology with a minor in art. She is also a member of 3 honor societies and graduated near the top of her class. She has worked with children, the disabled, and the elderly. She has volunteered as a mentor for high risk youth & served on the board of the Oak View Civic Council. She has recieved numerous awards such as citizen of the year, parent of the year, and community service recognitions.